vineri, 22 iulie 2016

Why to always rent a car with driver in Romania?

A couple of years ago I was for the first time in Romania, and as a chinese investor I thought that I will manage to find my way with my own rented car, as I speak very good english and also a bit of the local, romanian language.

So as soom as I have landed on the Otopeni airport I have rented from a local company a very nice looking Dacia Duster car (those seem tho be the ccheapest 4x4 cars that money can buy in the European Union) and as it seems a bit cheap on the inside, the car was really great, as it had a diesel engine (very performant little engine), it has all the necessary gimmics but the only annoying thing was in the fact that the windows control was not on the dors, but on the central console - which was extremely weird.

So... travelling in Romania wit a Romanian car was quite nice, in fact very nice, but I had a huge issue with the signs on the road, also with the fact that there were a lot of entrance and exits to the highway, which at a certain moment became more problematic.

So the net time when I arrived in Romania I decided to rent a car with driver that would transferm e from the Otopeni airport directly to Brasov, my destination.

This later experience was simply great, due t the following reasons:
-  it was cheap, very cheap
- I have enjoyed the ride
- the car was a great mercedes car
- I use my time to check my agenda
- I managed to solve other issues during this time

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