vineri, 29 aprilie 2016

360 video tour software

I was trying a lot to find a specialist that is able to create a 360 degrees video tour, and after searching thoroughly the interned I realised that I would also be able to create myself a virtual tour starting from a couple of pictures (of course, I needed really good pictures - with a high amount of mega pixels).

I heard in fact from a friend that the created his 360 video tour with a software as a service that can be found at, which is a great piece of software that anyone can use. Even me, an absolute non-technical gui that in fact hates computers, smartphones and all this cyber world that is transforming everything.

Now... to be honest, at first I thought that it will be impossible for me to create such a virtual tour starting from only a couple of pictures, I was really afraid that I am not good enough. But... as you will start to use this application, you will notice how easy it can be to do all the things that you have in mind and even much more than that.

The application has the following functions and you can integrate:
- Maps,
- Street View
- Spherical & Cylindrical Panoramas
- Open House appointments
- Videos & YouTube linking
- Impressive Agent Branding
- Branded, Non-branded and Standalone Tour Versions
- Contact Form with Email Lead System
- Virtual Tour Attachments
- In-depth Traffic Tracking

Ad the above features are just the tip of the iceberg, as the applications has a lot more features and usefull things that can be done.

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